"1939 Ground breaking" - 1024 × 717 in 1939 Ground breaking

This is probably the oldest photo we have. Trustees of “California Missionary Baptist Church” purchased two lots on Perry Road at Fry Street (October 11, 1940) “for the express purpose of organizing a new Baptist Church and Sunday School in Bell Gardens. March 1, 1941 work began on the building. March 9, 1941 a service was held on the floor of the building, 75 friends being present, including five pastors from neighboring Baptist churches. Total cost of the property and building (August 1941): $5327.26.” Who are the people? Unfortunately, we don’t really know which ones are represented in the photo. These are the names of the trustees in 1941. W.B. Eberhart (President), J. Robert Benson (Vice President), Victor S. Kirk (Secretary), E.W. Battelle (Treasurer), A.C. Wall, Charles E. Williams, Ray Dawkins, Ben W. Hull, Clyde Templeman, O.B. Cheevers, H.O. Wright.