We are a small congregation with services in English and Spanish. We meet in Bell Gardens, a city southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Our desire is to please God in all that we do, especially in telling what the Bible says about who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for our benefit. We honor Jesus by following and responding to Him as the Holy Spirit guides us, in loving (becoming intensely satisfied in) Christ and loving (seeking the best for) one another. We would like to invite you to be our guest when we gather together, this week.

What does the Bible say about Jesus Christ?
A simple explanation of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done is available here.

What teachings from the Bible do you believe?
The following is a summary of what we’ve learned from the Bible and is most important to us.

“We believe God’s Word, the Bible, reveals the truth about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God and became fully human. He died in our place as our substitute. His resurrection confirms the Father’s acceptance of His sacrifice as finished, complete, and sufficient for our salvation. This salvation is received only through Jesus Christ by faith apart from any work, deed, or merit we might think we can contribute. God is love and His grace is a free gift. The Holy Spirit is God. He guides us by God’s grace to follow Jesus Christ in the way He chooses to lead us. God is one, made known to us in the BIble as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We worship Him in spirit and in truth to please Him and exclusively for His glory.”

Be our guest!
Sunday Worship Services in English begin at 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Directions from your house to the church house will lead you here.

What is the worship service like? 
Our worship services are about one hour in length. We worship together to reflect the majesty and holiness of God. We speak words of praise to our Lord Jesus Christ in songs that emphasize His person and character, His work as Creator and Redeemer, and our response. We speak words in prayer to God, with thanksgiving, confession, and asking His favor. We listen to God by reading and explaining His Word so that we might know what He desires for us. We generally hear the Scriptures preached verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. We desire to respond obediently to the promptings of the Holy Spirit as we speak and listen to the Lord. Our prayer is that in this place others, and possibly even you, would come to know God’s love for you and our love for Him and you.

Who are the pastors?
A brief introduction is available here.

What’s our story?
Everyone has a story and some are eager to read a good short story.

¿Usted habla español?
Visite el website de la Iglesia Bautista de Bell Gardens para la información y la enseñanza de la Biblia.

How can I contact you to ask questions or receive more information?
By mail or in person: 7301 Perry Rd. / Bell Gardens, CA 90201
By telephone: 562-927-1810
By email: You are welcome to leave a reply here.