What’s our story?

What’s our story?
Church groundbreaking photo

Everyone has a story and some are eager to hear a good story.

What could we tell you about this local church that would both satisfy your curiosity and still be brief?

Bell Gardens is a city southeast of downtown Los Angeles in California. Many people have migrated and immigrated to this area in the last 80 years. Most were attracted here because of jobs or the possibility of a fresh start. In their search, a few have discovered far more than an income or a home.

The story of Bell Gardens Baptist Church began with the vision of a group of men in the late 1930s that acted on their desire to establish churches in Southeast Los Angeles. They were eager to see the people of these churches live the faith they believed while also telling others the Good News about Jesus Christ.

What is that good news? We would summarize the Good News like this: Salvation from God’s wrath against mankind and sin is appeased because Jesus Christ, the God-man, substituted His life in our place by His death. In Jesus Christ’s resurrection, God extends His grace to all mankind to be reconciled to God with a full pardon and forgiveness. Jesus Christ’s righteousness is imputed to each person regenerated and through faith believes that, from start to finish, God alone saves (justifies, sanctifies, and glorifies) sinners, without any merit or effort we might like to contribute.

All Church photo around 1951

Since our beginning and even today, Bell Gardens Baptist Church continues to guide individuals to know and have a justified and sanctifying faith in Jesus Christ. This guidance comes primarily through the expositional teaching of the Bible.

In the succeeding years the church has transitioned its ministry from a rural community, to a suburban town, to a multi-lingual metropolitan city church, all the while continuing the same purpose established by our founders, which is the same given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Bible: love the Lord your God with all your heart…and love your neighbor as yourself. We like to paraphrase His commission and commandment like this: “Loving and Proclaiming Jesus Christ.”

This is why we are here. As individuals called out by Jesus Christ to be His people, we share a kindred-spirit with those who have gone before us, to be found faithful by God as we keep at it to get the good news out to this generation and those yet to come.

All church photo 2004Obviously, we couldn’t tell you everything. We hope we’ve said just enough so that you will want to know more about Jesus Christ and maybe even this church, or better yet, so that you will want to become part of His story with us.