in Scribbles

Home from the range

Yes, indeed, I have returned from Wyoming. The lore of the Old West still captivates the passions of young and old alike. But, rest assured, I was neither surprise attacked by restless natives nor charged by wild bison (this time).

Getting there is half the fun, and my old mule didn’t disappoint me, demanding more water at the most inconvenient times. But, with a little persistence, the guiding hand of the Almighty, and a check-up at the “vet” is all that was necessary to return to familiar pasture.

It was a privilege to once again visit Don and Mary Thomas, their family, and those who have been added since the last time (spouses and grandchildren). While there, I enjoyed homemade tamales on Cinco de Mayo in the park with the Trinity Bible Church family, visited the expanded Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, showed slides to the church about our recent trip to Israel, trained a few in how to add to and make changes to their church website, and explored nearly all of Yellowstone.

It should come as no surprise to you that Don and I succeeded in shooting, bagging, and bringing home two grizzly bears with a canon that day. Why do I get the feeling you are looking at me as if I was Barney Fife who never successfully shot anything more than his foot?

Yessir, from our vantage inside the car, just behind the sage—there they were, only 25 yards from the paved road. Looking through my sight, until squarely aligned in the cross-hairs, I took aim, then I pulled the trigger. Once, twice&hell;ip;nine, ten. It was all over in a matter of moments! What a rush! O.K., so you’ve figured out the canon was a camera! At least we’ve got more proof than the hunters who shot their bear with arrows, then lost his trail.

The day after returning home, I had the privilege to attend the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary “cotillion” for Mark and Cheryl Schoenberger, he in his top-hat and she in her wedding dress. They had a nice reception at the Train Depot in Heritage Park (Santa Fe Springs) on a “Chamber of Commerce” Southern California day. Mark and Cheryl’s son, Erik and his friend provided all the toe-tapping, Virginia-Reeling music with a variety of instruments. It was encouraging to be a witness at Mark and Cheryl’s wedding in 1981. It is equally encouraging to be a witness to their continuing faithfulness to their vows today.

As you know Sunday was Mothers’ Day. Saturday was also my brother’s birthday. We (successfully) tried to combine these remembrances together with dinner out. You wouldn’t believe how many other people went out Saturday night celebrating some birthday. The parking lot was beyond capacity. The restaurants had unbelievable wait times.

What’s that? How do I know they were there for a birthday? I already told you Mothers’ Day was Sunday (not Saturday). Surely no one else would have thought to go to dinner Saturday evening instead of Sunday for Mothers’ Day.

If you believe that, I want to show you a grizzly bear I shot with a canon!